April 4, 2010

For Lent this year, I gave up desserts.  I dreamed of the first dessert I would eat when it was over.  For those that know me, it would definitely not be chocolate.  First it was going to be Strawberry shortcake, but the strawberries are not ripe locally yet, then apple pie, but the premier apple pie baker in my family lives 2 hours away, so it had to be something from my roots.  Aha!  A cross between a pie and an Italian cheesecake, bite size, so I could pop them in my mouth all day.

Pasticiotti – makes 12 cupcake size.  A great dessert to make in the morning to have in the fridge for that night.


2 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup sugar

1/4 cup milk

1 egg beaten

1/2 cup margarine or shotreneing

Mix dry ingredients in large bowl (food processor or Kitchen Aid).  Add in margarine until pea size, add in egg and milk until just mixed.  Knead 5-6 times to make a soft doug.  Flatten into a disc, wrap in plastic and refrigerate.


  • 1 large egg
  • 1 egg yolk (save egg white for brushing tarts)
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 1/8 cup flour (eye ball it)
  • 2 cups milk, scalded (microwaved) and cooled slightly
  • 3/4 cups ricotta
  • 1/2 of a grated lemon or orange zest
  • 1tablespoon cornstarch

In a saucepan whisk eggs and sugar, add flour and cornstarch, whisk until smooth, add zest and ricotta, mix.  Slowly add, while whisking the whole time, the heated milk.  Heat on stove until entire mixture is thickened.  Leave to cool with wax paper or plastic wrap directly on surface of filling.

Prepare the dough- (spray oil the inside of a muffin pan)

Cut dough into a 2/3 chunk and a 1/3 chunk.  Roll out the larger chunk (it’s a soft dough) and cut with a glass or large cup that is LARGER than the circumference of the muffin top.  Place in each muffin cup, spreading dough up until it is a high as the sides of the muffin cup or a tad bit higher.  Roll out the smaller dough piece, cut into narrow lattice strips.

Fill cups with filling, but not over the height of the crust.  Fit about 2 lattice strips in each direction across the top of the tarts.  Brush with egg white if you saved it, sprinkle with sugar.

Bake in a 375 degree oven for about 35 minutes.  Check after 25 min. The tart should be puffed up, insert a knife, if it comes out clean with maybe just a bit on the knife, it’s done.  If it sticks to the knife, bake it longer.

Sprinkle with confectioners sugar and refrigerate.


2 Responses to “Pasticiotti”

  1. Tanya Elizabeth Says:

    Hello there! i”m very interested in making this.. I was wondering if you can provide pictures or a video of making this. Ive never made dough before or kneaded for that matter. Please Please let me know !! Thank you !

  2. Mike Says:

    Hey Tanya–This is my family’s recipe blog and my aunt who posted this great recipe likely doesn’t have the capability (or time) to do a video shoot for it.

    However, given the flour/milk/butter/sugar ratio, her mentioning a soft dough and that you roll it out, it can’t be but so wet or else it would stick to the counter. Part of the fun is trial and error–have at it!

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